Your Life, You Live it

So, on my site where it says “About Me”, I felt like I really didn’t talk about ME.
Here’s a little background info you might wanna know.
Bonjour! I’m Bielle. Also known as B.L.
Things To Know About Me:
  • I love making people happy.
  • I would go to any length to make my friends smile or laugh, like embarrassing myself, or dancing in public, or revealing a secret.
  • I’m enthusiastic, animated, and talkative.
  • A teeny bit sassy.
  • A very bit bossy.

Have you ever felt that you were truly a different person than what other people saw?

That’s something I’ve always thought about and as I look back on the changes in my life, I realize that question was on my mind a lot. Besides everything I listed above, I am also quiet, nerdy and sensitive. I’m a bookworm, I absorb books like a sponge and get too caught up in the lives of the characters. I fangirl, scream, cry, or just take it all in.
Something I want you to hopefully learn from this blog is that living is just being at the best part of where you are right now, wherever it may be. Because it is your life, and you live it.
My blog posts will vary, from advice-related to artsy. I hope you take them in, learn from them, and be inspired. Make sure to check out The Journey of How to Live your Life to get a little background information on what caused me to make a blog.
Stay tuned for more! And remember to leave your answer to the question below in the comments:
Have you ever felt that you were truly a different person than what other people saw?

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A girl who knows a lot about how to survive when things go wrong.

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