The Journey of How To Live Your Life

Wow. I must be a terrible blogger if I still haven’t told you what I’m trying to blog about.

I want to help people who are in the same situations I was in. The situations that make your head spin. That’s what led me to the idea of creating a blog.

I went through a Big Change in my life, that I’m still experiencing. So, let me just explain, really, what this big change was about. About 2 years ago, my house that I had been living in for about 9 years now, was sold. Gone. Someone else’s. And it made me sad. I had grown up in that house. To this day, all its memories are still fresh in my mind. And now, more than ever, I value things that I hadn’t valued before. Like the creaking steps. Or the tree branches that gently tapped against the window. Or the terrible neighbor downstairs who threatened to kick us out.

In this house, a girl had changed and grown. It symbolized a place that had held people who supported me, and memories that filled me with happiness. After we moved out there were thoughts of change. Oh no, the thoughts of something else? Why would we ever change things?

But I guess that was what my family wanted, change. There were thoughts of moving to Florida, and there were visits, the searching on the internet for houses. The planning, the calls, the secrets. I was anxious, eager to see what this change would be like. I was nervous, but confident that I could do this. But I still didn’t totally believe it. This isn’t really happening right?

Visiting the new place I would live in was weird, and it didn’t feel like home. Do you know what home feels like? To me, home feels comforting. And Florida did not feel like home. After we got the house and returned home to prepare, I still found myself imagining my life in a few months.

And I couldn’t imagine it. I couldn’t grasp…the thought, the future. I came up blank. And I felt bad because everyone was so excited for this change. And I couldn’t say anything, I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t want to disappoint. And…change is good, right?

One day, we will all experience change. But at times, some of us aren’t ready for it. I mean, I don’t know if I was ready. Sometimes I didn’t feel like I was ready. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know what to do…I was stuck in the disastrous and treacherous path of the Change.

And I was not okay.


Welcome to my Blog! Have you ever felt like you have been stuck in the path of change? Let me know below in the comments!

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A girl who knows a lot about how to survive when things go wrong.

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