Five Ways to Find Your Inner Zen

Image result for zenWhat’s up my lovely readers? Hope life has been super sparkly lately! Or for others, hope life got a little better.

My post today involves one of my best friends, who I met while experiencing “The Life Changing Event.” She sometimes gets anxiety, which a lot of people experience, and I thought I should post a handy trick I found to help her (and the rest of the population) out.

It involves five fingers, which I’m pretty sure you may be able to find and tracing (I know, I know tracing is terrible). Well, you’re not going to make a turkey but you are going to trace your hand. It’s the “Five Ways to Find Your Inner Zen: On a Hand!” project.

Step 1: Trace your hand and make it pretty but do not color it in.

Step 2: On the thumb, write someone who makes you calm. For me, I put this certain best friend because she knows exactly what to say to make chill out when I’m having a freak out.

Step 3: On the index finger, put a place where you feel comfortable, your safe haven. For this I put this camp I used to go to because I have so many good memories that just make me smile.

Step 4: On the middle finger (it’s not something inappropriate) you put a favorite time. Christmas, summer vacation or even your birthday are good ideas.

Step 5: On the ring finger, you put a favorite memory. There might be a ton but choose one that stands out to you and can put a smile on your anytime.

Step 6: Finally, on your pinky you can put anything you want. Something you love, want you want to be when you grow up, or a favorite tv show.

If you’ve followed all the steps, you now have you a way to calm yourself when you having a freak-out, feeling anxiety or just upset. Hope this was helpful and stay tuned for more posts! Don’t forget to like and follow!



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