Step 1: Tell It Out

Hey again lovely readers! Here is my first post on how to help survive whatever change is going on in your life right now. Whether a big change or a small one, you’re always going to have those doubts about it. To kind of recognize that your life is changing, I have my first advice for you, Step 1: Tell It Out.
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                                         What to do: Tell it out. Talk to someone. Let it all go.
Now I know this sounds pretty stupid. But talking to someone really helps you get different perspectives and advice. When I moved, I kept ranting to people, anyone who would listen and at least had 2 hours to spare, about the problems I was facing.
Something I did at the beginning of “My Life Changing Event” was this:
“Old Self: Old self hated mornings with a passion. The getting up, seeing how early or late it was, the rushing, the tearing through the curly hair. Old self would stare at the mirror, tugging at the hairbrush that would get stuck on unbelievable knots. Old self would sometimes cry. Why wasn’t her hair longer and prettier? Old self would criticize everything about herself.”
“New Self: New self hates that she gets up late. She misses, actually misses the rushing, the running around. New self gets up, chooses an outfit, which takes about 30 minutes.  New self can’t seem to pick any of her clothes. New self doesn’t want anyone to notice that she wears some of the same things over. New self misses the times when she would be texting her friends before school. New self looks in the mirror, doesn’t criticize, but doesn’t say she’s the prettiest girl in the world either. She’s not average, she’s just…her. And New Self accepts that.”
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Doing this “Old Self; New Self” thing really shows how much you’ve changed and how much you’ve grown since you lost your footing. For me, this was a way of getting through my feelings to find out what I was really upset about.  To tell my friend how I was feeling. Talking to a friend, or someone who’s been through this before helps. But sometimes it doesn’t.
It’s totally okay if the people who used to help you and give you advice, just don’t anymore. I’ll have plenty of advice about friends in later posts. For now, try to understand how this change is affecting you and how maybe you’re changing who you are to get used to it.
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If you have a situation that’s similar to this, or you just don’t have anyone else to talk to, or just don’t want to talk to anyone else, go to the “Contact Me!” page and shoot me a message!

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