How to Keep On Even When Life Sucks

Hey readers! So today is a post about a topic I am VERY familiar with. How do you keep on going when everything is terrible? When it seems like you never smile or laugh? Or how about when all the emotions bottle up?

Image result for depressed girl

If you can relate to this picture, then I hope you read on & take this to heart. Life is going to be great sometimes, giving us the best moments of our lives, filled with laughter and happiness.

And then life is going to suck. We’re going to find ourselves in a never-ending pit of negativity, filled with self-pity and feeling like everything is not right.

See, during my life-changing event, I felt more of the sucky part of life. Today especially, things weren’t going great.

Here’s some reasons you might be feeling negative:

-Your friends

-Your family

-Just because you can’t control it

-You keep on trying, & things aren’t going your way

These top 4 reasons are the ones I can best relate to. And now here’s my advice.

Image result for inspiring self help quotes

Listen to your favorite songs, throw yourself into your homework, start a life goal (like me starting this blog), or just binge-watch on Netlix. When you’re in one of these moods, it’s best to stay away from people because your attitude could become your feelings and you might push people away. Whenever you’re feeling down, you need to get yourself back up.

Hope this helps a little bit! Don’t forget if you feel you need someone to talk/rant/express yourself too, I’m here! Also, remember to like and follow!



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