Step Two: Inner Scream

  Hey readers! Hope you’ve been enjoying my Blog so far! If you’re new, I recommend you read my former posts for a little background info. I also highly advise you to read “Step 1: Tell It Out” to understand this post more.
  Anyway, welcome to Step 2 of “The-How-To-Live-Your-Life-when-you’re-lost” Journey. Hope you love the unnecessary long name. So we left off with talking to someone & recognizing how the changes in your life have affected you personally. Now, you have to literally let it out.
Step 2: Inner Scream. Just let it out.
Image result for frustratedI made this a step is because one of the reasons you may be having trouble talking to people or expressing yourself is because you haven’t been letting out your feelings. I have a hard time sometimes just talking to my best friend because deep down I’m sad, angry & lonely all at the same time. My advice: Just scream on the inside. Whether you’ve been feeling down in the dumps or everything has been going great, you just need to inner scream. Because the truth is no one knows you like you know you, and you just need to free your thoughts.
   Also, I feel like that little girl’s face is how I look when I’m screaming internally or am very frustrated.
    The reason I didn’t make this “Step 2: Outer Scream” is because if you did just randomly start screaming, people would be very concerned. Some of you may probably feel like actually screaming is a better idea but you have to believe that everything will be okay.
Everything Happens For a Reason Marilyn Monroe Quote Poster
     I’m going to give you the straight truth: It is NOT going to be okay for a very long time. Not until you are ready. Not until you feel like everything might be good in the end. Wherever you are in your “Journey of Change”, you need to know that things will never be the same as they were before. The people will never be the same, the places you’ve left behind. You will not be the same person, & that is what I’m telling you is okay.
Image result for letting go
You need to hold on to the future, & trust me I know how hard this is. It will always be hard.  But you’re going through this change for a reason and you need to believe that it will all come together in the end. And the way you start that is by letting your feelings go.


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