How to Keep Going When Advice Gets You Nowhere

 Hello lovely readers! I’m really excited to do this post because I want to share my experiences with advice. Not all of my experiences are good, but they’ve helped me grow as a person. This post links to my previous post, “Step Two: Inner Scream”, so I recommend you read it!

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So while I was trying to figure out how I was feeling about the big changes going on in my life, I couldn’t let everything go. I didn’t believe that everything would be okay. I was so pessimistic and angry that I just could not think positive. So I decided to reach out to one of my friends who I don’t see often who had gone through the changes I was going through. I thought she above all people could help me and I really needed someone who would understand. (Tip: Don’t have your mind made up of expectations.)
Talking to a friend, or someone who’s been through this before helps. But sometimes it doesn’t.
This friend of mine gave me advice that everyone else had given me, “It’ll be okay, don’t give up.” But what if it wasn’t okay?, I wanted to scream at her. What would I give up if I wasn’t even trying, didn’t want to try?
To you, I give you this. Keep Going. It is hard, I will not lie to you. I felt like I was sleeping, walking through my life. Sometimes I still feel that way. But I hate that feeling, that feeling of no control, no matter how hard you try to smile. It makes me feel angry at the people who used to say, “You’ll get used to it.” Honestly, I just want them to fall on the floor, or trip. These were the questions my mind was filled with when they told me that: After how long will I get “used” to it? What if I never get “used” to it? What if I’m afraid to get used it?
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 Keep Going. Keep Going through the advice that doesn’t seem to work. Keep Going through the tiring days of being someone you’re not. Keep Going through the crowds of people that just don’t understand. Keep Going through the days of sleep-walking through life. Keep Going. Talk to someone. Tell it out. Write it out. Get it out. Let it out. Because you deserve to put your problems on someone, or something else for a while. Because for a while, you haven’t been yourself. And that’s greater than any other problem.
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 Have you ever been given some advice that you felt really didn’t help you? Have you ever felt like you’re sleep walking through life? Let me know below in the comments!
 Bielle ❣

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