How to Get Out of Your Funk

(or Mood, Drama Tantrum, or anything related to just feeling crappy)

Hey lovely readers! Hope life has been great lately or at least bearable. And if you’re feeling more of the latter way, then this is the perfect post for you!

When I’m in my “mood” or just can’t shake the frown off my face, there’s little that can be done to get me out of it. But there are some things that do manage to make me smile on a moody day. These 3 tips are ones that work for me. So here we go >

Tip #1: Music

Image result for music quotes

This one is my favorite because I love music so much. Like I literally have a playlist just for my moody days with songs from Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy & Imagine Dragons. My other playlist is for days when I’m so happy & upbeat. Music really is an escape, helping you  to focus on everything but where you are at that moment. So go make a playlist, or list in general, of all the songs that can channel all your negative feelings & make them disappear.


Tip #2: Reading

This tip is also most likely to get me out of my mood. Whether it’s real books, books on Wattpad or FanFictions, reading just brings me out of reality andImage result for reading books into the dream world. Even if you’re not fond of reading, just sitting down and trying to focus on words other than thoughts is a way to distract yourself. Magazines, your favorite book of all time or cook books are good ideas. Just try to focus less on how you feel & more on the words.





Tip #3: Talk To Your Go-To Person
excercise-happiness-happy-laughing-favim-com-846349One day in Florida, I was just so done. So done, that even 2 years later I can remember it to this day. I kept crying because my “BFFs” in New York weren’t even trying to keep in touch with me, school sucked, family sucked and everything was all WRONG. So I decided to Oovoo (which is a great face time app BTW) two of my good friends from camp. When they answered I was so happy and an hour later I was rolling on the floor laughing. Instead of ranting, I just had a fun time catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a year. Try to smile & laugh instead of frowning & crying, even though it’s really hard.


Hope these 3 tips help you get out of your funk & remember that it’s okay to feel just totally crappy. Everyone has those days, and sometimes you just need to breathe, relax, cry, sniffle, whatever you need to do. Just do it. Just take a moment to try to be okay in the middle of a storm. Don’t forget to like, share & follow!



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