Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

via Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

Hola lovely readers! SO sorry for not posing anything yesterday but my computer died (which is very aggravating). Today, I decided to do the Discover Challenge which is about Finding Your Place. For this challenge, I’m going to talk about Florida and how hard it was to Find My Place. Image result for Find your place

Before I moved to FL, when I was in NY, the people in my class were people I’d known all my life. I’d grown up with these people, the same faces for 9 years. Suddenly, I was in a school where I was the odd one out. Everyone knew each other from the previous years and knew which friend group they belonged to. I more than anyone knew what it was like to be in a friend group. In NY, I guess you could say I had been friends with the Queen Bee. Now, it was the popular kids, the jocks, the weird ones, all these cliques that felt like I was in a cliche high school movie.

Image result for no cliques   And I was not for that. I hate cliques, the ones where exclusion, jealousy and gossiping are the main priorities. I went into FL thinking that I could actually do it, that I could make some friends and survive through the year. That didn’t happen and it made e rethink my personality. I became this shy, quiet person desperately looking for a friend. I hate that version of my self, and it was so hard to go back to “NY Me.”

FL literally placed me in this little corner of “Misfit” that I had never experienced before. FL made me cry, yell, rant, lose friendships, feel stuck and lose who I thought I was.

When the next year of school came around, I was ready. Unfortunately, most of the friends I’d made had found new friend groups or left the school. That made it a little difficult. But, everyone was starting new so I had a chance to meet new people too.

That year, I threw myself into my Drama class, got creative, outgoing and really expressed myself. Sure, I was quiet in some classes, but in others I was opening up. People actually got a glimpse of who I really was.

By the end, I had a bunch of friends and two really good friends. Me and my friends called ourselves “The Tribe Of Misfits” because we were so anti-FL and because we didn’t like anyone else. So in the end, it was all okay, which is what I always try to stress in my earlier posts (if you want to check them out). Image result for no cliques

So FL was different and challenging and overall just terrible. But it was also different in a way that made me feel more open-minded and confident. For a little while I found my place in FL, but it’s not my home. I don’t know if I’ll ever find my place per say, but I look back on FL as an experience I’ll never forget.


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