Your Best Self’s Guide To A Healthy Life

(Kinda, I’m not a Health Expert or anything)

Bonjour lovely readers! Hope life has been great! For me, things have been a little rocky lately but today I’ve been extra positive so I decided to post another Health Post!

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So, personally, I don’t think I’m a really healthy person. I mean I eat junk food A LOT and love anything chocolate! But surprisingly, the foods I love aren’t that bad. Apparently, a lot people fall just under the bar in between healthy and unhealthy, and many of us fall lower into unhealthy. Healthiness isn’t just about what you eat or staying in shape, even thought that’s what it seems like.

Being healthy means being emotionally, mentally and socially healthy. These three things are like a pyramid, and all work with each other. In this post, I’m going to focus on the mental and social part of a healthy life.

Building health skills, or life skills, is a major part of a healthy foundation. Interpersonal communication is an life skill that can affect how you’re understood and is the exchange of thoughts or feelings between people.

Tips: Interpersonal Skills

-Say what you mean using “I” statements

-Create a balance between listening and speaking

-Keep in mind the effect of your words

-Give the same respect you’ve received

-Know the difference between verbal & nonverbal communication (Eye contact, tone of voice, etc.)

Another important set of skills are decision-making skills, which surprise, surprise are actually a thing. I’m terrible at making decisions and cannot stop thinking about the pros and cons. To help you a little better, here’s a process for making decisions that might make life a little easier.

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Tips: Decision-making Process

-Think about the decision that needs to be made and who will be affected the most, including yourself

-Make a list of all the possible outcomes. If you’re a slightly paranoid person like me, you might want to list even the worst scenario just to prepare yourself

-Think about what will you will be reflecting about yourself by making this decision

-Make your decision and act on it

If these are just two factors of being healthy, it doesn’t seem that bad, right? Work with others around you, and yourself, to have a healthier and happier life. But if you feel totally at ease with your life, that’s totally okay too. I’m also very terrible at being consistent, so working on these skills is kind of hard. But put yourself out there and remember to smile.

Because this is your life, and only you know how to live it. Image result for being healthy and fit isn't a fad


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