How To Relax

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(When Life Is Going Out Of Control)

Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been going well lately, sorry for not posting a lot! This post is for the Daily Word Prompt Relax, and I’m going to give you ways on how to lean back, breathe and collect yourself.

Tip #1: Yoga

The best tip I can give to relax is yoga. Over the summer I took a yoga class and there was a specific part where we lied down on the grass in corpse pose (Shavasana) and closed our eyes, and just breathed. It was so relaxing and calming and you just felt like you were floating, surrounded by nature. You don’t really need to start doing insane poses, like turning yourself into a pretzel, but simple ones like the sun salutations are easy.If you’re in a public place, gently putting your thumb against the side of your nose and breathing in, and then switching to the other side to breathe out, is way to relax.  Just try to breathe and take in your surroundings.



Tip #2: Music
Woman with headphones listening musicAnother way to relax is to listen to music. In one of my previous posts “How To Get Out Of Your Funk”, I use music as a tip. Music, especially soothing music, is a great way to unwind. If you’re in the mood for your favorite tunes or just need a Paris Cafe moment, listening to music brings you into a whole other world.


Tip #3: Draw/Read

My favorite way to relax is to read. Reading makes you disappear into your own world of imagination and completely forget about the bad things in reality. Be careful not to get too caught up in the dreamworld thought, which is something I do way too often. Another way I relax is by drawing. I love drawing and expressing myself through sketches and colors helps me push out the unwanted emotions.

Girl reading stock photo


Treat Yo Self: Image result for treat yo self

Don’t forget that sometimes you really do just need a break. Whether it’s going to the spa or a night out with friends, try to get yourself to spend time with…yourself!

Hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out THE BLOG and The Daily! Also, feel free to comment and contact me. Remember to like and follow! Au revoir,


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