Life Planner Tutorial

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the Artsy Page! For my first artsy post, I decided to do something that revolves around the new year.

Something I do is similar to scrap booking, except I call it a life planner. Life Planners are really fun to do, because at the end of the year you can look back on all the moments. This post is a tutorial on how to make a Life Planner for 2017!


20161227_130008The picture above is a Create 365 The Happy Planner. With a lot of different colors and covers, these planners go from 2016-2017. Personally, I like a different planner for every year so the planner isn’t too thick. I got this planner for Christmas, and just pulled out the sheets of 2016. The good thing about these planners is that you can easily pull out sheets, but you need the Create 365 Hole Puncher to add sheets or other things in.


20161227_130758My 2016 planner above was a little bulkier and was a Simple Stories Planner. With two
rings, you could buy the monthly sheets which are actually very cute. You could write down goals and notes for every month, and decorate it the way you wanted. For every month, there were 4 pieces of papers that were the weeks, where you could glue pictures, quotes and write.

Inside my planner, I glued in stickers on the back cover so I could easily put them in my planner. Washi Tape is also a really cool thing to have and fun to decorate your planner with.20161227_122839

On Pinterest, you can find dozens of cute things to print out for your planner and small quotes to glue in. Both planners allow you to glue stuff in but the 365 Planner has each day split into three spaces (which I consider Morning, Afternoon, Evening).Ā 20161227_13214820161227_130548













To add stickers into my 365 Planner, I punched holes in the paper the stickers were on.


The months for the 365 Planner are labeled more and give you less work to do with designing. Although, if you don’t like the monthly covers, you can buy covers to add in, which I did.Ā 20161227_130534

Another thing I love to add into my planners is stickers, especially motivational ones. From The Happy Planner to Idea-Ology, you can find a bunch of stickers in crafty stores like Michael’s.Ā 20161227_122303

Creating a Life Planner is really fun and is sort of like a hobby. I hope you guys enjoyed my tips and suggestions on how to make a life planner and as the year goes on, I’ll post how my planner is progressing. Check out my other pages and stay tuned for more artsy posts! Don’t forget to like and follow!

All pictures above are mine šŸ™‚




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