Rave: The Selection Series

Hello lovely readers! I hope your new year is living up to your expectations so far! I’m a little slacking on my goals but I’ve been updating my Life Planner, which I consider good so it’s not too bad.

So this is my first “Rants & Raves” Post and I, as the bookworm I am, wanted to write about one of my favorite book series.

For today, it’s a bit of a mix between a rant and a rave but I hope you’ll enjoy my reviews and brief summaries on the first 3 books.

The Selection Series, by Kiera Cass

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The series is 5 books in total but first, I want to talk about the first 3 books because the protagonist is the same character.

The setting is mind-blowing, set after the fourth World War, where North America has become Illea (there’s an accent over the “e”), a country with a caste system that has been thrown back to the ages of gowns. America is a character who you love and who frustrates you at the same time. Her and her family are 5’s in the caste system, while the Royals are 1’s. America Singer is…a singer and the 5 Caste is kind of more arts related. Image result for the selection quotes america

America applies for the Selection, which is where 35 girls are chosen to compete to become the next Queen of Illea. This new life she has been thrown into is a hard adjustment, but she immediately catches Prince Maxon’s eye, in which she seals their friendship after kicking him where the sun don’t shine. But America has her heart set on someone back home, and her Maxon are friends until they AREN’T?

The Selection was a great book, a little slow but that’s because you need to learn a lot of things about the setting to understand how it impacts the characters so greatly. Now, the Elite…I have to breathe for this one.

The Elite is one of my favorite books because of how much of an emotional roller coaster it drags you through. The guy that America loves back in Carolina, Aspen,  is in the Palace as a guard and they have a secret relationship. Yet, at the same time, she has growing feelings for the beloved Prince. America is still in the Selection for the money they receive but now she kind of wants to fight…for Maxon’s heart. Image result for the elite quotes america

In this book, you learn a little more about the secrets hidden within the royal family and about the past of Illea. All of which America tries to expose after Maxon makes a big mistake (a mistake which every time I read has me throwing the book to the ground). Love is tested, there’s a lot of sadness but also worry for the kingdom with the rising revolts from rebels. Overall, I loved the Elite and the competition definitely heated up with the smaller group of girls that Maxon had chosen (when about 6 or 7 girls are left in the Selection, they are called the Elite!).

Oh, the One. The story that literally had my heart smiling and crying. It is the end of the Selection, and only one girl must be chosen. In the previous book, Maxon and America’s relationship (Ship Name: Maxamerica/Maxerica) got rocky and they aren’t one good terms in the beginning of The One. It seems Team Maxon fans might get their hearts broken because Maxon starts to favor another girl in the Selection (and it’s totally okay if you want to erase her out of the book). Aspen also finds another love in the Palace, and America is kind of left by herself, which makes you think: Is Maxon choosing the One? Or is America choosing between Maxon and Aspen? Will she choose herself?

Comment below if you understand this reference!

This book is a must-read, even if you didn’t enjoy the earlier books, and all I after to say is, True Love Prevails. And that all of us wish we had a Maxon Schreave in our lives.

If you do end up reading any of the first 3 books or have read them, let me know in the comments! Also, let me know if you would like a book review about the last two books in the series! Until then,

{B. L.}


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