The Problem With Digging For Advice

Hola lovely readers! I hope the new year has been good so far, mine has been a little rocky but I guess it’s all the transition. It honestly doesn’t feel like a new year to me.

Things are still hard but I’ve decided to be positive and to just stop asking. Asking for advice, that is.

We all search far and wide for someone to give us advice that will magically change our lives. We keep digging and digging, because the advice never sounds good enough or we don’t like it or we can’t possibly do that.

The problem lies in ourselves. The most important part of life-changing events are that they are exactly that: Life-Changing. No matter how much you try to stop it, life keeps going. And advice will not even put a dent in its armor.

We also have to understand that the problems we’re facing in our lives are uniquely our own. As much as I wish my best friend could understand me, she can’t. She hasn’t moved from NY to FL, and then back. She hasn’t had to break off friendships or push people away. She is still there for me, she still gives me advice.

But it’ll only help me a little. Life is about learning about your mistakes, and helping yourself.

Stop waiting for the moment that will change everything. Stop waiting for the person who will fix you. Stop waiting for the words that will lift your spirits and light the fire inside you.

You are you, there is no one you can help you but you.

But that does not mean you are alone in life, you are not alone in your situation.

Just in this problem, in this life-changing event that seems unsolvable, you need to trust yourself. You need to believe that you are independent and that you can make a decision.

So stop digging for advice, because the only way your life is going to change is if you change it.

“No better you than the you that you are”~ Scars To Your Beautiful, Alessia Cara

Do you think you dig for advice? Let me know in the comments below!

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First Photo: Photo credit: Mark O Rourke Photography via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND




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