The Graceful Luna

via Photo Challenge: Graceful


Hello lovely readers! Hope your week has been going great so far! Today’s been a bit gloomy, so I thought I might cheer myself up by doing the Weekly Photo Challenge.

The object I chose was the moon. The moon is many things to people. The only source of light at night, the smile in the sky, a signal of time. No matter how many planes pass with their loud engines or the fireworks that fill the air with smoke, the moon still stays with its light and beauty.

Never leaving, never dimming.

The moon is graceful because even though it does not have its own light, it still shines the brightest at night. Even though it has a dark side, it still shines. Even though it has flaws, it is never overshadowed by the stars around it.

And that is a type of grace I wish to have.


Photo is mine 😘


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