Rave: The Crown

Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been good lately. This past week went surprisingly well and I’ve missed updating on the blog. I’m back with another Rants & Raves and am really excited about this one. After this, I may switch it up to talk about a TV Show or movie I saw recently. Hope you’ve been enjoying the blog and would love some feedback!

For today’s post, I’m going to be talking about the fifth and FINAL book of the Selection Series! The first three books below, are from the character America Singer and her part in Prince Maxon’s Selection. (Check out my previous post: Rave: The Selection Series )


51hmbiygf1l-_sx326_bo1204203200_The fourth book, The Heir, is from the POV of America’s daughter, Eadlyn and revolves around her own Selection. (Check out my previous post: Rant: The Heir )

I wasn’t too happy about the fourth book (why it’s a rant) but I decided to read the fifth book. After all, The Heir ended with SPOILER: America having a heart attack, so I obviously needed to know what happened.

The Crown is the name of the fifth book and had me crying for about 20 minutes two hours after I had read the book. It is one of my favorite books of The Selection Series.

The Crown is a whirlwind of emotions, questions and secrets and I highly recommend it. In this book, we see another side of the protagonist, Eadlyn, because she finally realizes some things.

For one, her Selection is coming to an end. She starts to actually be able to decipher what kind of feelings she has for some of the boys in the Selection. Now, she just has to put her feelings into words and actions.

She also starts to realize that she is going to be Queen, and that requires much more than decisions and speeches. It requires a little heart, compassion and experience. Eadlyn kind of opens up more in this book and I was so happy.

Eadlyn also realizes that she has to fight for what she thinks is right, just like her mother. And she does! She also fights for love, which leads to such a dramatic and unexpected ending, but it was amazing!

Although I love the first three books, this one gave me the happy ending I needed. Some people thought it was unrealistic, but I think after all that has happened, it was deserved.

Eadlyn inspires me because she puts a face on for the world, and when she finally gets rid of it, she does amazing things and finds herself. And also the person she loves! Spoiler: The guy Eadlyn ends up choosing isn’t even in the Selection at all!

I loved this book and I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts for this series by the wonderful Kiera Cass. A movie may be in the making for the first and I am hoping it is every bit of amazing the book is! Let me know if you’ve ever read any of these books or what type of books you like. I always love to read, so feel free to leave recommendations! Look forward to hearing form you guys!





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