Painting Faces

Hello lovely followers! Hope life is going good. I posted this 2 days ago but it seems to have deleted and I’m not sure why. I’m re-posting it because I haven’t posted enough Artsy posts! 😊

Life is okay right now. I’m currently in one of those moods where everything is hopeless and I’m finding it hard to write. Usually, I either read or sketch in one of these moods. But recently, I decided to try another skill, Painting!

I let myself get carried away with the strokes and, well, below is the product! I like painting, I’m not a professional but it doesn’t matter. Art has no borders. And this painting is my first “masterpiece!”

Stay tuned for more artsy posts! I love feedback and hope to hear from you in the comments! πŸ€—




Photo is MIne 😊



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