Rant: Logan

Hello lovely readers! Hope life is doing well! Life has been going pretty good! I am trying to update at least every three days now so stay tuned! For today, my Rant is on the movie Logan. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Honestly…I was disappointed. I was extremely this great ending where Wolverine’s last movie is one to remember. Instead, the movie focused more on his daughter, Laura. Not that I wasn’t happy about that (stories where heroes discover they have a child are my favorite) but I felt the real story was lost.

Yet with Marvel movies, I can never not fully love them. I was so happy that they gave Logan one last movie, though it was kind of random. Like, what is Laura’s place in the X-Men Movie Universe? Will she get her own movie? What about the newbie mini X-Men?

All these questions kind of left me confused, especially with the lack of a credits-scene. It is a must to stay in your seat after a Marvel movie because the credit-scene is EVERYTHING. Without one, I was a little lost but I understand the reason for not having one. The movie itself needed an ending that would be left in people’s mind, to conclude it and I totally agree.

What I was not prepared for though, was to lose two of the best X-Men members ever, in one movie. ONE MOVIE. I mean, the whole time I was waiting for a hand to pop out of the ground thinking, “This can’t be the end for them….”

Well. It was the end.

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing Logan interact with his daughter but I wish we could have seen more of them together and bonding. In reality, Logan is not the ideal father figure. I loved seeing the professor in this movie and the fact that Logan was taking care of him just made me so happy. Laura was a bit extreme but what can you do when your like 8 years old with weird claw things?

I hope we can see Laura and her mini X-Men buddies again but I’m not too sure what Marvel is planning. Even though this was a rant, I still can’t deny that I will love any Marvel movie ever.

Don’t forget to like, follow and comment! Did you see Logan? What did you think? Til’ the next post!

-B.L. ❣

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