Poems & Art & Poems

Hello readers! Hope this week has been great! Mine has been a little hectic, but when is it not? This is my first post for Artsy in a while and I hope you like it.

I am apart of a Literary Journal Club and we recently had a “Poetry Slam” where we read aloud some of our poems and people who came got to receive a published journal of our poems and art. Both my drawings of flowers and my poems were included and I was so happy.
20170411_185954Never before had I been interested in poetry or writing it. Now, on Wattpad I have two poetry works. Can you believe it?

I encourage all of you to seek out new opportunities because you never know if you will discover a new talent or hobby. This year has been about change for me and although I am still getting used to some new things, I have welcomed others. With the help of this 20170411_183907Blog, my Wattpad and my other creative outlets, life has become creative!

So here’s the lesson of today, find yourself in your creativity and live a life of imagination.

Don’t forget to like and follow! Check out my Wattpad if you want and feel free to check out some of my poems where you can find on the Daily page!

-Bielle ❣


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