How To: Make Word Shells!

Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been good lately! I have been very busy with blogging and I’m really excited about all the new posts coming up.

If you haven’t checked out the latest post, click here. I included the link to a survey that will give me some insight as to what you have to say about the Blog!

One of the responses was that readers would like to see more “Artsy focused” posts. So…here they are! Let’s jump right in.

These shells with words on them, or as I like to call them, Word Shells were inspired by Pinterest. They are super cute for room decor or just to have. If you look at the picture above, they are not only easy to make but can go with just about anything.

What You’ll Need: 

  • Shells – These can obviously be gotten from a beach…but can also be found in Michael’s or Walmart.
  • Black Marker or Sharpie

To create the cool writing effect seen, it’s better to have shells with ridges on them. Below is the word “Treasure” on a shell. For longer words, try to make sure you keep the letters small but clear.



For shorter words like “Live” on the one to the left, you can make the word itself a little bigger. Big enough to be seen at least.




I made multiple of these for my bathroom to contribute to its beach theme. With at least 25 different words, the shells were cool to look at and were very calming. This art tutorial relates to the next one coming up so stay tuned! Hope this helps you get into the summer vibe.

What words would you put on YOUR Word Shells? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to like, follow and answer that survey!

Bielle ❣

-Photos are mine






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