Rave: Riverdale

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Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been going well for you lately, and if you’ve been watching this newest CW Show then it absolutely has.

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Many of you are probably familiar with the Archie Comics or the Betty and Veronica Comics. When I was younger, I used to read the Betty and Veronica Comics and I loved them so much. I was excited to see that they were doing a TV Show about it, and I was not disappointed. CW’s Riverdale is a modern, dramatic take on these comics but with the same setting and funny characters.


The cast includes Archie Andrews, the football jock who’s recently discovered his passion for music, and Betty Cooper who is the perfect girl-next-door who’s been in love with Archie since…forever. Veronica Lodge is the sassy new girl in town whose father is in trouble with the law, but that doesn’t stop her from making her presence known. Josie and the Pussycats are also apart of this cast and they’re songs are really good. Besides these, there are so many other characters who help bring Riverdale to life.

Still, there’s a few slight differences from the comics. For one, Ms. Grundy who is an old teacher in the comics is not old. Instead, she is portrayed as the young music teacher that Archie Andrews had…relations with over the summer. Cheryl Blossom is still the manipulative “Queen” of Riverdale (although her status is being threatened by newbie, Veronica Lodge) but she has just lost her brother Jason Blossom after he drowned in the river. Jughead Jones isn’t as obsessed with food as he is in the comics, just writing about the crazy town he lives in,

The show revolves around the lives of these well-known characters and the relationships and problems that come with it. The small town seems to be just that, a small town. But its secrets go way deeper, and everyone is hiding something. It’s romance, mystery and drama all wrapped up into one.

I personally am IN LOVE with this show. The characters are so relatable, especially Betty Cooper (Riverdale’s Perfect Girl Next Door). The whole season you’re trying to figure out, “Who Killed Jason Blossom?” Some parts are a bit unrealistic, like the fact that everyone is a sophomore in high school…but they look 19 and some are sleeping with their teachers? What? 

Despite that, I totally recommend this show! I’ve heard some people say that the acting is bad and the show is too complicated, but that’s what makes it so interesting. There are things you’ll never see coming and there’s still that murder that needs to be solved!

The only thing I wish they did was slow down on the romance because one guy is dating like 3 different girls WHEN I JUST WANT HIM TO BE WITH ONE. Sorry guys, but my favorite ship from the Archie Comics isn’t happening and I am very overwhelmed.

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Have you watched Riverdale? Have you ever read the Comics? Who is your favorite character? Let me know below! Don’t forget to like and follow! BTW, here’s a fun quiz from Buzzfeed to see which Riverdale character you are most like. I got Veronica! 

Bielle ❣



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