Your Best Self’s Guide to a Healthy Life

Hello lovely readers! How has life been going? My summer has been pretty uneventful so far but that will change come July & August so I’m very excited!

Before I get into this exciting post, I want to talk to you guys about a few things. SERIOUS TIME. I really love this blog and I am trying to improve it, but I cannot do that without your help. I would really love it if you would take my 6-question survey (link at bottom) to share your thoughts. I feel like I haven’t been getting a lot of feedback but I really appreciate those who have been commenting (Shoutout to @Renard Moreau for all his support!)


I did a brochure on being healthy and I wanted to post in on the blog because it has a lot of good advice on how to build health skills. The most important thing to know is that being healthy is not just about the vegetables. Being healthy involves being healthy emotionally, mentally, and socially.

A big part of health skills are Interpersonal Skills, which are techniques that can help when you are having a conversation with someone. Below are some examples of Interpersonal Skills:

  •  Say what you mean when you talk by using “I” statements
  •  Be a good listener
  • Keep eye contact
  • Watch the tone of your voice
  • Listen to the way you word your sentences
  • Give the same respect you were given when talking to others
  • Keep in mind how your words might affect people

Decision-making skills are also apart of a healthy foundation! When you make responsible decisions, that is a sign that you are capable of setting goals that you can achieve. Decisions are difficult so check out the helpful process of how to make decisions below:



  1. Think about the decision you need to make and who will be affected.
  2. List all of your options, even the slightly possible ones, 

    and gather information. List all the possible outcomes of each option and weigh the pros and cons.

  3. Once you have the option you are leaning towards, think about how you will feel about your choice in 2 days. The think about how you will feel about your choice in 2 months, and so on. I find that this little tip is very helpful when making decisions.
  4. Make your decision and act on it!
  5. Look back on your decision and evaluate it and its effect.

Last but not least, character is not only a part of a healthy foundation but it is also a part of you. Character is defined as the distinctive traits that describe how a person thinks, feels or acts. Having good characters shows that you are a respectful and positive person, which is a great thing to be! Character is important because it strengthens your sense of right and wrong. Below are some ways to develop character:

  • Stand up and support your beliefs
  • Find role models who demonstrate good character
  • Reach outside your comfort zone
  • Get different perspectives and experiences by volunteering in your community

Hope you all liked this post that was made with the help of my Health class and got some helpful tips from it!

Here is the link to the 6 question survey for How To Live Your Life:

How do you guys stay healthy? What did you think of this post? Have you taken the survey? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to CLICK that like button!

Bielle ❣

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