How To: Welcome Summer Like A Boss

Hello lovely readers! How is your summer going? Mine has been going well, I’ve just been keeping myself busy with catching up on all my shows. Currently, my top two shows are Glee and The Flash which are both AWESOME!

For this post today, I’m going to give you a way to get out of your Netflix and Chill Summer Edition mood and actually start living. Even though summer has already started, I have mostly been doing nothing all day. This post gives you an answer if you are experiencing boredom and empty days. First thing is by giving summer a Boss-Like Welcome. And how do you do that, you ask?

By making a Summer Cork board, of course!

Before I start this post, you’re going to need to click this for more instructions on how to welcome summer like a boss. Trust me, it’s important!

After checking out the post above, which was about making Word Shells, you can decide if you want to place word shells on your cork board. I placed 4 of my word shells at the bottom of my cork board  and one at the top (see picture below)Below the word shells, I made ocean waves with white printer paper, light blue construction paper and hard dark blue paper. I was inspired by this Pinterest post. The waves were a little tough to make but you have to make it your own style! The main goal is to make the cork board have a summer feel, so you could put umbrella stickers, sunglasses, anything you want that captures your idea of summer! Real pictures of the ocean or real-life sunsets could also be a good addition!

After putting the summer in your Summer Cork board, move on to the events. This year, I will be traveling so I decided to print out photos of the places I would be going to see. I also printed out some pictures I have taken of NYC this summer to put on my cork board. You can see that all my pictures have a Polaroid border surrounding them, and that’s because I love the vintage vibes they give! I don’t have a Polaroid camera so I went online and searched “Polaroid border” and voila! I went on Word and with a few edits, my pictures looked like traditional Polaroid ones! I also decided to hang one of my pictures on the cork board with a push pin to add some words. I love posters or these type of word frames around my room! You could also put inspirational or summer quotes on your cork board to add in some words.


At the top of my cork board (seen to the right), I printed out my top summer VSCO filters that I would be using to edit my pictures. For my Art Account & my own personal photos I, love using VSCO because you can get such a different look. ON Pinterest, I find dozens of filter ideas to use for my photos. I constantly go back and forth between VSCO & Pinterest to create the look I want but it gets a little tiring, so I decided to print out my summer favorites. That way, I can easily look at which filter I want to use on my photo and even mix the filters together.



To finish off my Summer Cork board, I decided to add in some summer moments. I printed out some pictures of me and my friends hanging out this summer and put them on. I also taped on some photo booth pictures from my friend’s sweet 16. Adding summer moments to your cork board, really helps you remember all the fun memories. The photo below is my finished Summer Cork board!

I hope you enjoyed this post and had fun with it! Let me know what you thought in the comments below! What will you be adding to your summer cork board? What fun memories have you had this summer?

Hope to hear from you & stay tuned!

Bielle ❣

















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