Fangirl Five: The Shows I’ve Been Binging

Hello lovelies! Hope everything has been going great for all of you! I’m struggling to balance Senior Year + The College Process at the same time currently, and it’s been a bit tough! But I’m overall trying to keep a positive mindset about it & am trying to stay on top of my work!

One way that helps me keep a positive mindset: A good TV show!

As you may know, I am an AVID fangirl! I love so many shows, books, and movies and the characters and plots that come along with them! A good TV Show can put me in a great mood when I’m feeling down or just need a break from my busy school life! Below, find out the latest TV Shows that I’ve been fangirling over!

The Bold Type

  • I discovered this show because the commercials for it made it seem really interesting. Overall, I LOVE it! I absolutely adore the characters of the main three: BFF’s Sutton, Kat, & Jane. Together, they work at Scarlet Magazine, which is basically a version of Cosmopolitan. This show gives off a lot of Devil Wears Prada vibes, and that may be part of why I love it so much. The three also live in New York City, the city that owns my heart, and they constantly have crazy experiences that make me gasp. A major reason why I like this show so much though is that it tackles social issues in a great way. It gives you characters who feel passionate about these social issues and how they confront them, experience them, and deal with them in their daily lives. This show gives you a peek into the lives of others. I originally thought I was a Jane since she’s the writer type, but according to Buzzfeed, I’m Sutton! If you watch the show, let me know who think you are!
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Picture from Quote Catalog

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  • I am absolutely IN LOVE with this show. The costumes, the visuals, the characters, the development. Everything about this show is beautiful. As an apsiring filmmaker, I first heard of this show from all the awards it was winning & because of Amy Sherman-Palladino, a creator of the show. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel centers around Midge Maisel, a Jewish woman living on the Upper East Side who is  supporting her husband’s dream to become a stand up comedian. After some life plot twists, she finds herself a budding stand up comedian who takes the industry by storm! This show perfectly captures the issue of double standards in entertainment industries. The setting is also magnificent, mid-1900’s, and the costumes are beautiful and perfectly accurate in my opinion. The show gives you such a dreamy but empowering feeling! The family dynamic of the Maisels on the show is absolutely hilarious, especially the father, Abe. I totally recommend this show, especially if you have Amazon!


Amazon Studios
Pic from Amazon Studios


  • Okay, so I love Zendaya. Like, a lot. So when I heard she was going to be starring in a TV Show, I got super excited! And the show Euphoria did NOT disappoint. Warning: I definitely do not recommend this show if you’re not interested in adult themes. This show goes deep. It hits a lot of difficult but prevalent issues in the world, including addiction and abuse in slightly graphic ways. Despite that, this show is absolutely mesmerizing. The lighting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the costumes, the makeup. This show makes you feel as if you’re watching the regular life of a teenager in the modern world play out, but with aspects of an illusion or dream. The show centers around Rue, a teenager who just exited rehab after her overdose during the summer. Coming back to school, she meets Jules, a new girl in town with big dreams. The show also takes into account the stories of many other characters: Maddie, Cassie, Lexi, Nate, Cat, & others! The plot is frustratingly beautiful and all I can say is that Rue Bennett deserve THE WORLD. 
Image result for euphoria
Pic from HBO

The Handmaid’s Tale

  • This show: 10/10. I love the plot, the suspense and plot drive me crazy, and the episodes only keep you on the edge of your seat. The show is about the United States after the government has been overthrown by a fundamentalist group that treats women as property. Offred is a Handmaid, a woman who can become pregnant, and is therefore given to an officer of high position to birth him a child. Offred’s family has been taken from her, her husband being a refugee in Canada. Offred’s journey and struggles in the new totalitarian society are captivating and eerie. This show makes you think a lot and admire the characters for their perseverance.
Creator Bruce Miller and writers Eric Tuchman and Yahlin Chang speak with The Hollywood Reporter about the Hulu drama's looming finale.
Pic from Hulu (Giraud)

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

  • I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’m as obsessed with this show as I am, but really…I’m obsessed! The show centers around Marinette, a girl living in Paris who becomes the super heroine Ladybug when the city is in need. Her flirtatious partner is Chat Noir, whose civilian identity is Adrien Agreste, a famous fashion model. Oblivious to Marinette’s crush on him, Adrien/Chat Noir is madly in love with his partner, Ladybug, not knowing they’re the SAME person. The two characters are basically in love with each other’s alter egos! It’s the most frustrating  plot ever…but it sucks you in! The charming and clumsy interactions between the two plus the hilarious side characters bring this show together! If you’re ever feeling bored and feel like you have nothing to watch on Netflix…now you know what to do!
Pic by Zagtoon

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! What are some of your fave shows? Have you watched these before? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more! 


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