About Me

Hello, kind people who have decided to visit my website. Thank you for even getting past the first page and continuing on (and thinking it was the least bit worth checking out), greatly appreciated! I don’t know if you got the hint already but I love writing about my “awe-inspiring” problems and boring life that I’m positive everyone wants to hear about.

I believe  I know I have a great imagination. My imagination is a whole other world of ideas, from fiction to reality. That’s why I love to write. Writing expresses who I am, and who my characters are. And now, I’m using my writing to help people with the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from my experiences ( & not only to talk about my boring life, thank goodness).

 Here’s the basic stuff you should know about me: I’m just a girl who’s really confused with her life, who was once frustrated with it, who was once upset with it,  who decided that she should sit in front of a computer and write about it.

To write about how she’s dealing with what life has handed her (and it isn’t lemons, IDK where the heck someone got lemons from) and hoping people would read it. Hoping she could help others. Impact them.

So, Cheers, Hooray! Or whatever…Here’s to learning how to live our lives. Here’s to changing our world. Here’s to living through the sleep-walking, and the dull days and the sad moments. Here’s to finding ourselves.

‘Cause I know I’ve been lost along the way.

-Bielle ❣

(P.S. In case you didn’t know (which you probably didn’t) I have a love for the Mad Hatter from Alice & Wonderland. The picture below explains it all. Consider it a personality pic.) 

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