A Quick Guide to Valentine’s DIY’s

Hello lovely readers! How are you? How has your February been? Can you believe Valentine’s Day is already HERE? I can’t! If you’re just like me, then you’re probably wondering what you should do for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve seen those funny Valentine’s memes or other friends giving gifts, & you’ve been thinking, “Wow, I … More A Quick Guide to Valentine’s DIY’s

Rave: Thor: Ragnarok

Hello lovely readers! It’s December! Can you believe it? How has your life been going? Things have been pretty good for me because I’ve been trying to keep myself organized. It’s kind of working….Publishing blog posts has become very difficult because of projects and essays, but fortunately I found a little time this weekend to … More Rave: Thor: Ragnarok

How To Find Your Crowd

Hello lovely readers! How has life been? It’s been a while since I last posted! Life has been pretty good, especially since I saw Thor: Ragnarok this weekend (review coming soon)! I still have my moments of sadness and anxiousness, but I’ve been working on trying to live in the moment (another post that’s coming … More How To Find Your Crowd