Painting Faces

Hello lovely followers! Hope life is going good. I posted this 2 days ago but it seems to have deleted and I’m not sure why. I’m re-posting it because I haven’t posted enough Artsy posts! 😊 Life is okay right now. I’m currently in one of those moods where everything is hopeless and I’m finding … More Painting Faces

The Graceful Luna

via Photo Challenge: Graceful Hello lovely readers! Hope your week has been going great so far! Today’s been a bit gloomy, so I thought I might cheer myself up by doing the Weekly Photo Challenge. The object I chose was the moon. The moon is many things to people. The only source of light at … More The Graceful Luna


via Photo Challenge: Names Hello lovely readers! The photo challenge for this week was names and I was inspired by the many books I have. From their creative titles to the authors, books are full of names. It’s what draws us to them, makes us open the cover. I love to read, and these are … More Names

Welcome to Artsy!

Hello again lovely readers! For the new year, I feel “How To Live Your Life” needs a little update. If you haven’t seen my previous post, here’s a little bit of a recap. For 2017, I will be adding two new pages to my blog on different types of topics. Rants & Raves will be … More Welcome to Artsy!