How To Start A Vent Journal

Hello lovelies! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, a fantastic break, and an AMAZING New Year’s! To start this year off, I thought I’d continue from my latest post in giving you the advice you need to live your best life. Make sure to read the latest post to catch up on this post’s topic!Continue reading “How To Start A Vent Journal”

Artsy: Girl’s Day in Downtown NYC

Hello lovely readers! How are you? How is life going? Are you thriving? I really hope you are BUT if you aren’t, I’m here to sprinkle some happy dust on ya. My blog hasn’t been my biggest priority lately and I think my life has really seen the effects. First of all, I just beatContinue reading “Artsy: Girl’s Day in Downtown NYC”

Wattpad Extravaganza!

Hey lovely readers! Surprise, surprise! Two blog posts in a one week! What? I know, I know! So spectacular of me, you’re welcome! Since the last time I talked to all of you, it was the beginning of the week & life was going well! Well, life is still on a nice, thriving track exceptContinue reading “Wattpad Extravaganza!”

A Quick Guide to Mother’s Day DIY’s

Hello lovely readers! How has life been going? Are you enjoying May? I am super happy with the weather lately, but my allergies are kicking in so *tears*. Life has been a bit overwhelming recently because I am preparing for a short musical I am doing this week! I am one of the leads, soContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Mother’s Day DIY’s”

Drawing a Masterpiece in 1 hour or Less

Hello lovely readers! How has life been going? My March has been pretty eventful so far. I have surprisingly stayed consistent with my Instagram posts so that’s a plus! If you couldn’t already tell by title, I have created a masterpiece! For my March posts, my followers on Instagram voted for which Artsy post theyContinue reading “Drawing a Masterpiece in 1 hour or Less”

A Quick Guide to Valentine’s DIY’s

Hello lovely readers! How are you? How has your February been? Can you believe Valentine’s Day is already HERE? I can’t! If you’re just like me, then you’re probably wondering what you should do for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve seen those funny Valentine’s memes or other friends giving gifts, & you’ve been thinking, “Wow, IContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Valentine’s DIY’s”