Fangirl Five: The Shows I’ve Been Binging

Hello lovelies! Hope everything has been going great for all of you! I’m struggling to balance Senior Year + The College Process at the same time currently, and it’s been a bit tough! But I’m overall trying to keep a positive mindset about it & am trying to stay on top of my work! OneContinue reading “Fangirl Five: The Shows I’ve Been Binging”

Make Muse Magazine!

Hello lovelies! Hope your Monday is off to a great & positive start! I am kind of sad November has come to an end because I love that month, but I’m excited for a new month to start! Oh my goodness, can you believe it? 2018 is almost over! Ok, way too early to startContinue reading “Make Muse Magazine!”

Rant: Dealing With People Who “Hate” You

Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been going well lately! It is officially school season & I am very sad. See, my summer was so amazing & I can only describe myself as one word because of it: thriving. (P.S. If it looks like I have bags under my eyes, it’s because school.) I haveContinue reading “Rant: Dealing With People Who “Hate” You”

Rave: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

Hello lovely readers! Hope your summer has been going well! My summer has been surprisingly busy and I am really happy about that! Normally, my summers mostly consist of me chilling at home, which is fun, BUT going out and doing things is also very fun! I’m glad to say that this summer, I’ve hadContinue reading “Rave: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!”

Rave: Jane the Virgin

Hello lovely readers! How has life been lately? My summer is now starting to get busier, so it’s thrown me out of relaxation mode! I’m trying not to stress out too much though, so let’s hope I can get it together! Today, this post is all about one of my favorite shows, Jane the Virgin!Continue reading “Rave: Jane the Virgin”

Rave: Avengers Infinity War

Readers, readers! I am literally shaking with excitement at this post you have no idea! But first, how has your life been? Life has been pretty overwhelming for me lately, and there’s a lot of stress. I have a musical coming up soon and exams so I’m trying to stay consistent with my blog stuff.Continue reading “Rave: Avengers Infinity War”

Rave: Fave NYC Outfits

Hey lovely readers! Hope life has been good lately and that April has been a great month for you so far! The weather has been crazy recently! I cannot believe April is almost over! I am so excited for this post because I’ve never done a Rave about Fashion! Hope you all like it! TheContinue reading “Rave: Fave NYC Outfits”

Rant: Gossip, gossip, gossip!

Hello lovely readers! Hope your April has been spectacular & full of warm weather! Unfortunately, I cannot say that for myself. It’s been a struggle! Thank you so much for everyone who voted for this Rant on my Instagram Story poll! Hope you guys all like this post! What is Gossip?  Gossip: -rumor or reportContinue reading “Rant: Gossip, gossip, gossip!”