Rave: Thor: Ragnarok

Hello lovely readers! It’s December! Can you believe it? How has your life been going? Things have been pretty good for me because I’ve been trying to keep myself organized. It’s kind of working….Publishing blog posts has become very difficult because of projects and essays, but fortunately I found a little time this weekend to … More Rave: Thor: Ragnarok

Rave: Riverdale

Featured Image: Riverdale on Twitter Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been going well for you lately, and if you’ve been watching this newest CW Show then it absolutely has. Many of you are probably familiar with the Archie Comics or the Betty and Veronica Comics. When I was younger, I used to read the … More Rave: Riverdale

Rant: Logan

Hello lovely readers! Hope life is doing well! Life has been going pretty good! I am trying to update at least every three days now so stay tuned! For today, my Rant is on the movie Logan.  Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Honestly…I was disappointed. I was extremely this great ending where Wolverine’s last movie is one … More Rant: Logan

Rave: The Crown

Hello lovely readers! Hope life has been good lately. This past week went surprisingly well and I’ve missed updating on the blog. I’m back with another Rants & Raves and am really excited about this one. After this, I may switch it up to talk about a TV Show or movie I saw recently. Hope … More Rave: The Crown

Rant: The Heir

Hello lovely readers! How is life going? I’ve been a bit busy lately but not so much that it’s stressful. I’ve been reading so many books lately is unbelievable. For today’s post (which is later than usual, sorry), I’m going to rant about a book I read. If you read my previous post, Rave: The Selection … More Rant: The Heir