31 Days Down…334 To Go!

It’s the last day of January? Already? Join me in taking a look back on my 2018 goals, fave things about January, & how my year so far! … More 31 Days Down…334 To Go!


How To Find Your Crowd

Hello lovely readers! How has life been? It’s been a while since I last posted! Life has been pretty good, especially since I saw Thor: Ragnarok this weekend (review coming soon)! I still have my moments of sadness and anxiousness, but I’ve been working on trying to live in the moment (another post that’s coming … More How To Find Your Crowd

Major Upgrade!

Hello lovely readers! Here’s an important blog notice! If you browse around “How To Live Your Life”, you’ll notice that there is no more Daily page. I am doing a major cleanup on this blog, and that includes deleting the Daily page and all the poems it included. If you want to check out my … More Major Upgrade!