Blog Notice!

Hello lovely readers! How is life? Life has been going pretty good for me lately, especially now that summer is on the horizon. Now that I have more free time, I am going to focus more on my blog. I updated a little, so make sure to check out all the pages! The first thing I’m … More Blog Notice!

Rant: Logan

Hello lovely readers! Hope life is doing well! Life has been going pretty good! I am trying to update at least every three days now so stay tuned! For today, my Rant is on the movie Logan.  Warning: Spoilers Ahead! Honestly…I was disappointed. I was extremely this great ending where Wolverine’s last movie is one … More Rant: Logan

Human Trafficking

Hello lovely readers! I hope you all have been well! I am so sorry to have taken that hiatus from my blog, but it was a much needed one. Things have been good and bad lately. For instance, I wrote a short One-Act Play for my school and it is now being performed and I … More Human Trafficking

The Short Truths

Hey lovely readers! How is life? Currently, I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been writing in this journal I have and I’ve been bringing it everywhere I go, so that when I need to vent, I can write it down. Another way I express my emotion is through writing, which I recommend for those of you … More The Short Truths